Sunday, April 19, 2009

First post.

After being back on the bike now for <2 weeks, I can say that this weekend turned out to be surprisingly rewarding.

I arrived at Wichita falls around 3:30am, which meant that I actually got to sleep around 4:15. I was expecting to get up for the RR at 7:30, but I forgot to set my alarm, and all of my roommates were not getting up until later for the C's race. I didn't exactly complain because the extra hours of sleep surely helped out some. After eating a hasty breakfast of a honey bun, some coffee and a small blueberry muffin, we set out to the race. After getting there I register for the C race and tell them that I will be racing B's for the remaining two races. The guy tells me that this is a stage race, so I can either race C's all weekend, or don't race at all. I was a bit angry at first, seeing as how I raced as a B all last year, but it ended being an okay thing. Luckily for me, I hadn't filed my B's upgrade last year, so I was still listed as a Collegiate C anyway.

The race started pretty fast. We had a ton of people in working in the front and we managed to drop probably half of the riders by the second half of the first lap. It went that way for about a lap and a half, and then it finally toned down with about 15 riders left in the main group. Miguel, Kenny, and Joey kept attacking while Clay chose to sit in. Nothing was sticking, and we were planning on a sprint finish until Miguel went up the road with about 3 miles left. An A&M rider managed to catch him, and miraculously Miguel managed to not only stay away, but drop the Aggie in the final stretch. It was one of the coolest wins I have ever seen. Later that day, we had the time trial. I finished, so I was happy. Clay, once again, romped the pack by nearly 2 minutes. Miguel also finished up there in I think 3rd, but I am not sure. Either way, they both rode really strong. We all took off afterward to Carino's(sp?) for some killer Italian food, followed by much sitting around until we all passed out before our early crit the next day.

The crit was just as expected. It wasn't tremendously fast, and it was not very technical. Miguel led me out for a prime (we didn't know at the time it was only a merch prime), and I took it pretty easily. I looked behind me and saw Clay had also jumped, so I decided to keep hammering and see if he would break loose. He got up the rode, and I returned to the pack, albeit barely hanging on. Then, the very next lap, they ring the bell for another prime, and when the pack surged, I got dropped like a bad habit. I basically rode it out after that, until the end so I could see Ken take the group sprint.

This weekend really made me regret how much I have missed so far this year, both with Texas Cycling, and just in cycling. It will be great to start training again and hopefully get the last couple of points for my cat3 upgrade before the end of the summer.

See you on the road,